Partnerships with the Media

Joining forces with Handelsblatt, the largest and most-cited business and financial newspaper in the German language with >500,000 readers per issue and >90,000 subscribers, Future Cleantech Architects sheds light on the most intensively debated cleantech innovations of the moment. Framed as ‘Green ideas that might change the world’, the articles offer a succinct overview of the latest technology, revealing its potential and the most significant hurdles on the path to climate impact. From Space-based Solar Power to Distributed Ledger Technologies and cement, we’ve got you covered.

Published articles of the series 'Green ideas that might change the world' (in German):

Green Hydrogen

“Gülle, Algen, Sonnenlicht: Neue Quellen für grünen Wasserstoff”

Published: March 12th, 2024

Concentrated Solar Power

“CSP – hinter diesen drei Buchstaben steckt eine Energie-Revolution”

Published: February 13th, 2024


Warum Kondensstreifen dem Klima sogar mehr schaden als CO2”

Published: January 10th, 2024


“Wie wichtig ist Geothermie für die Wärmewende?”

Published: December 13th, 2023

Thermal Energy Storage

“Mit Wärmespeichern Geld und CO2 sparen”

Published: November 14th, 2023

Green Ammonia

“Wie Ammoniak die Energiewende beschleunigen soll”

Published: October 17th, 2023

Solar Radiation Management

“Den Himmel verdunkeln – eine riskante Option”

Published: September 12th, 2023

Lithium alternatives

“Fieberhafte Forschung nach der Lithium-Alternative”

Published: August 8th, 2023

Airborne wind energy

Flugwinddrachen liefern Strom aus der Luft”

Published: July 11th, 2023

Repurposing old coal power plants for LDES

“Das zweite Leben dreckiger Kohlekraftwerke”

Published: June 13th, 2023

Wave energy

“Strom aus der Kraft der Meere”

Published: May 9th, 2023

Green Cement

“Suche nach grünem Zement”

Published: April 11th, 2023

Distributed ledger technologies

“Echtheitssiegel für grünen Strom”

Published: March 14th, 2023

Space-based solar power

“Solarstrom aus dem All”

Published: February 14th, 2023

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