FCA's milestones in 2022

Thanks to the support received this year, we have been able to grow our team by hiring exceptional talents both for our cleantech analysts’ unit and our communications team, expanding our presence to four European countries.

This allowed us to partner with our friends from UN Climate Change, UNIDO, and EIT InnoEnergy to host a major cleantech innovation festival – The ARC – in June. Please take note: The ARC 2023 will take place from June 6 – 7, and we look forward to your participation.

Further milestones included the release of two episodes of our series “The Basics & The Gaps” – one on hydrogen and one on cement – as well as our comprehensive participation at COP27 in Egypt, which included several FCA-run sessions dedicated to cleantech innovations.

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2022 Key Milestones

  • 2022
    Research Projects

    Continuous work on research consortia such as CemSol and on LDES

    Read more about CemSol
  • MAR
    The Basics & The Gaps #1

    Hydrogen: an overview on the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen and its production

    See our series hydrogen
  • JUNE
    The Cleantech Race

    We aired the third episode of the Cleantech Race: The Innovation Summit

    Watch the episodes
  • JUNE
    The ARC Cleantech Innovation Festival

    Europe's most ambitious cleantech innovation festival will come back next year

    Learn more and save the date
  • OCT
    The Basics & The Gaps #2

    Cement: an overview of decarbonization pathways for the cement production industry

    See our series on cement
  • 2022
    Policy Briefings

    Policy briefings with members of the European, German, and Federal Parliaments

    See our publications
  • NOV
    COP27 in Egypt

    We hosted comprehensive sessions on green hydrogen and cement decarbonization

    See our takeaways and sessions
  • DEC
    Top 8 Climate NGO

    Listed by Vox as one of the most efficient climate organizations

    Read the article
  • DEC
    Mobility Day NRW

    FCA emphasizes the need to prioritize hydrogen for hard-to-abate sectors

    Watch the session

The Basics & The Gaps

The Basics & The Gaps is a FCA-produced factsheet and animation series which aims to summarize the key facts and figures on some of the most challenging issues and technological innovations needed to reach net-zero.

This year we launched an episode on hydrogen and cement.

The ARC Cleantech Innovation Festival

Together with international partners and co-hosts from the public and private sphere, The ARCEurope’s most ambitious cleantech innovation festival brought together the brightest minds and best ideas in cleantech worldwide. Four stages, each focusing on accelerating high-impact ideas across cleantech innovation, gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the most effective technologies, policy approaches, and financial ideas to drive down emissions drastically.  Building on the key takeaways of The ARC 2022, we have decided to host another edition on 2023, so stay tuned!

FCA at COP27

During COP27, FCA co-hosted the Green Hydrogen Day with UN Climate Change’s Global Innovation Hub. The day focused on the core value chain of green hydrogen and its most pressing innovation gaps, taking into consideration that hydrogen demand is predicted to increase massively and huge challenges to produce, store, and transport the quantities of green hydrogen needed for a net-zero future. Additionally,  FCA hosted a Climate Action Hub session focused on cement decarbonization, where policy and private sector representatives addressed the biggest roadblocks and possible solutions for a net-zero cement industry.  Check out the recordings and key takeaways.

One-on-one briefings

FCA held +10 policy briefings with senior officials from the European Parliament, the German Parliament, Federal State Parliaments, and National Ministries. Among other, FCA advised on topics such as hydrogen, cement, long duration energy storage (LDES) and carbon contracts for difference (CCfDs).

FCA Listed on Top 8 Most Efficient Climate Organizations by Vox

FCA was listed as one of the most efficient climate organizations by US explanatory journalism platform, Vox. Read the article!

  • FCA Listed on Top 8 Most Efficient Climate Organizations by Vox
  • The Cleantech Race

    This year we aired two new episodes of The Cleantech Race: The Innovation Summit and an edition on Cement with Katharina Dröge. Check them out here!

  • The Cleantech Race
  • Munich Security Conference

    Peter Schniering was part of the the Futurity Fellows Program aligned with Munich Security Conference and hosted by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. See our key takeaways!

  • Munich Security Conference