Technical Briefing Series “Coffee & Cleantech”

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Coffee & Cleantech

Coffee & Cleantech – Briefing policymakers on neglected sectors.

Our new series of 45-minute insightful and engaging technical briefings is aimed at providing EU policymakers and advisers in Brussels with a concise yet sufficient overview on technological innovations for decarbonizing the most neglected hard-to-abate sectors. Based on FCAs research and analyses, our Cleantech Analysts summarize the key facts and figures on some of the most challenging issues, such as decarbonizing cement production, bringing long duration energy storage to scale, and fast-tracking sustainable aviation.

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Previous Sessions

April 2024 session on Cement and Construction

Concrete, a mixture of cement, air, water, sand, and gravel, is the most used man-made material and an indispensable building block of our modern society. Cement production emissions amount to 5% of the global greenhouse gas emissions per year. The cement industry is highly competitive, with low margins and little innovation and needs comprehensive support to decarbonize. But why is the cement sector so relevant for reaching a net-zero 2050? What challenges do we face in decarbonizing the cement sector? What alternatives or solutions can we implement to decarbonize cement production? Find answers in our factsheet on Cement.

October 2023 session on LDES

Electricity generation is responsible for over 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the vast majority of which come from coal and gas-fired power plants. Decarbonizing electricity will require large amounts of solar and wind energy. Solar and wind are already the cheapest and fastest-growing energy sources globally; however, they fluctuate over time. How can LDES enables the integration of large shares of solar and wind into the power grid? Find answers in our factsheet on LDES and this blogpost on the different LDES technologies and their applications.

January 2024 session on Aviation

Aviation is the fastest-growing emitter in the transport sector. At the same time, it is very hard to switch the sector to a more sustainable path. Why is that? What technological alternatives are available? What would a holistic solution pathway look like? Find answers in our latest factsheet on aviation, read the release on contrails in our joint series with German newspaper Handelsblatt, and take a look at this short film, anchored by our CEO Peter Schniering, featuring Clara Pfeffer (RTL Deutschland), Eleanor Webster (Mission Innovation), Ingrid El Helou (FCA), and Marlène Siméon (FCA).

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