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Get to know the team behind Future Cleantech Architects that consists of passionate members, sharing commitment to catalyze transformative change in the most citical sectors and bringing each their unique expertise.

Leonie Brand

R&D Coordinator

Dr. Peter Schniering

Founder & CEO

Magnolia Tovar

Director Technologies and Impact

Dr. Marlène Siméon

EU Policy Manager

Martin Schifferings

Director of Operations & Development

Francesca Brunner

Communications Officer

Dr. Ingrid El Helou

Cleantech Analyst

Aviation | Sustainable Fuels

Dr. Antoine Koen

Cleantech Analyst

Long Duration Energy Storage | Cement

Christina Martelock

Administration & Support

Juliane Harlfinger

Media Relations

Johannes Obermeier

Data Systems Specialist

Marie Goß

Research Associate

Simon Shaw

Research Assistant

Bennet Ribbeck

Research Assistant

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