Policy Brief on Aviation

Policy Brief on Aviation

Currently, aviation accounts for 2.5% of all global – and 5% of the EU’s total – annual CO2 emissions and is the fastest-growing emitter in the transport sector. While efforts are being devoted, both globally and in the EU, to reducing the sector’s emissions, aviation is not yet on track for net zero. 

Based on current implemented policies, globally, CO2 emissions are expected to drop only ~20%, while Europe is predicted to fare slightly better, with a ~38% drop in emissions by 2050. These current policies are not ambitious enough to eliminate the sector’s emissions by 2050 and do not align with current EU climate objectives.  

Today’s European regulatory frameworks are crucial to shaping the sector’s progress toward net zero. 

Learn more about how to ensure European aviation not only aligns with Europe’s 2050 carbon neutrality objective but also mitigates non-CO2 effects, addressing the sector’s total warming impact, in our new policy brief!

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