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Our commitment to independent analysis and work, free from investor and political influence, is dedicated to accelerating cleantech innovation in critical industries, such as cement, aviation, and long duration energy storage, based solely on science. Support our work to close the remaining innovation gaps to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Please note: All donations through our partner organizations’ portals are 100% passed on to us (no fees are charged). Apart from Germany, donations through Effektiv Spenden are also tax-deductible in the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

If you would like to support our work from the US or  UK, you can easily do so through our partners at Giving What We Can, as they are tax deductible in the above countries. Giving What We Can will provide you with a corresponding proof.
If you would like to support our work from the Netherlands, we would recommend to do so through our partners Doneer Effectief. 

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Future Cleantech Architects appreciates the support of all our donors in driving cleantech innovation harder. Contributions do not provide the ability to influence our internal mission, decisions, or activities, as we are techno-agnostic and impartial.

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