Future Cleantech Architects

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We are a climate innovation think tank.
We exist to close the remaining innovation gaps to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

 To reach this objective, we accelerate innovation in critical industries – such as cement, aviation, or shipping – where sustainable solutions are still in very early stages. We urge policy-makers to intensify and better prioritize their R&D activities. Moreover, we initiate and actively drive high-level research consortia on critical technologies for these neglected technological sectors. Learn more about our work on our core topics:

Energy System

As intermittent renewable energy is developed and deployed, energy storage will be crucial for security of supply.


Aviation and shipping together are responsible for about 5% of global annual CO2 emissions and are the two largest emitters in the transport sector after road transport.


Cement production contributes around 5% of global emissions and the demand for concrete and cement is expected to continue growing.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen’s role in the German and European path to climate neutrality is highly controversial.

Future Energy System



Green Hydrogen

Our Future Cleantech Festival 2024 Completed!

Europe's most ambitious Future Cleantech Festival, looked towards a net-zero 2050, zooming in on the innovation processes in some of the hardest- to-abate sectors, such as Construction, Transport, and the Future Energy System. With a focus on the coming European elections in June, we met experts from disruptive innovation agencies and intergovernmental players charting the course for the next European Commission and Parliament for 2024-2029.

Our Highlights

We believe that cleantech can only be effectively advanced through a holistic
approach. Find a selection of our latest work below: 

Coffee & Cleantech

Our series of 45-minute briefings for EU policymakers and advisers on the hard-to-abate sectors.

Future Cleantech Priorities Report

An interdisciplinary report that focuses on key takeaways from the Future Cleantech Festival and actionable policy recommendations for the new EU Agenda.

Policy Brief on Book and Claim for SAFs

Our recommendations to ensure the effective implementation of a Book and Claim scheme within the EU to help meet RefuelEU Aviation’s targets and the EU’s overall environmental goals by 2050.


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