Designing Tomorrow‘s Energy Systems

High-impact innovation in the energy transition is particularly challenging because it needs to done under severe time pressure. The climate system is on the verge of tipping points which would have irreversible and catastrophic consequences for most ecosystems on Earth.
To support this leap in innovation is the mission of FCA.

Cleantech develops in key R&D Areas

Our key operational areas are constantly evolving – we bring together outstanding expertise from all critical segments.

  • Cleantech develops in key R&D Areas
  • High-impact innovators develop their technologies

    When working on future cleantech systems, ideas develop all the time.  Find an overview on our own publications.

  • High-impact innovators develop their technologies
  • Publications & Analyses

    We validate the theoretical models we develop and test them with innovators from high-impact segments.

  • Publications & Analyses
    • Future Cleantech Architects

      We are a collective, our experts have worked in cleantech for many years, realizing that the breakthrough innovation process needs to move faster in order to mitigate the most dramatic effects of climate change.

      We are economists, engineers or designers by education, yet our approach is interdisciplinary.

      We work on breakthrough cleantech, both in hardware and in processes: Our work ranges from fundamental research in renewable generation technologies to process innovations which help to decarbonize emission-intensive industrial operations.

      Our vision: increase the success rate of breakthrough cleantech R&D.

      The Flow of FCA

      High-impact ideas need to be cross-checked continuously
      • 1
        Scout and Develop

        We track developments in key R&D areas

      • 2
        Work with Innovators

        We accompany ambitious ideas throughout innovation stages

      • 3
        Structure the Lessons Learned

        We condense any findings on finance, scalability and technical match-making and provide results to decision-makers

      Scout breakthrough cleantech development

      As a collective, we have worked in numerous R&D projects and seen excellent ideas that have not even made it to the prototype phase. One pillar of our work is to scout outstanding ideas in very early phases – that is in laboratories, research institutes and other creative hotspots.

      Connect strong partners in breakthrough cleantech

      Those who come up with the initial technology idea do not necessarily have the entrepreneurial vision and spirit to lead the new technology to commercialization. We facilitate contact and cooperation between both sides through our network and expertise, teaming suitable partners up to effective consortia.