Strong participation in first Future Cleantech Panel

Our first Future Cleantech panel was so intense, the university’s security staff literally had to guide us out of the lecture hall in the late evening. Participants had enganged in lively discussions long after the official part was over and at some point, Lecture Hall 1 had to be locked for the night. Our apologies for the staff’s extra hours.

Prior to these discussions, our panelists had provided a vivid tour through the energy transition: from the urgent need to increase financing for high-impact technologies to the latest in renewables’ learning curves and the main controversies in electric mobility. And the audience had their share to say: the lock-in of technology pathways and the potential of behaviorist approaches were just two examples.

Thank you Thekla von Bülow, Martin Hoyer, Alessandra Salgado and Julien Marchal for contributing so strongly to this event and Christian Ewald and many helping hands from the FCA Crew for making this possible.We will share further results from the Panel during the next couple of days.

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