Second Future Cleantech Panel Completed

Thank you for this inspiring group of experts” is what we have heard several times with reference to last night’s Future Cleantech Panel. Thank you Michael HayesJoanna HubbardJoão Saint-Aubyn and Martin Keller for embarking on a tour with Dr. Peter Schniering to discuss many important segments of cleantech R&D.

We could have continued for hours, debating high-impact technologies, the missing infrastructure to go beyond 80 percent renewables in the grid, the ‘big pockets’ needed to scale climate tech or the role of blockchain.

Apologies to anyone who wanted to enter and was denied access. We are working with Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn to ensure that we will have a large-scale webinar licence in place for the next panel. Moreover – upon your repeated request – the next panel discussion will be recorded and provided upon demand online.

Thank you for the support, Torsten SchlageterJulia Guha, Leonie Brand, Yassin el Abdouni, Ruben Sommerfeld, Stephanie Becker and Christian Ewald

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