NEW release in our joint series with HANDELSBLATT on solar radiation management (SRM)

NEW release in our joint series with German newspaper HANDELSBLATT: “Green ideas that might change the world”, this time focusing on solar radiation management (SRM)
SRM is considered geoengineering, an active human influence on the climate. One example is the release of sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere: 
“The sulfur dioxide could intercept solar radiation and theoretically reduce global warming due to climate change. While research projects already exist worldwide, the consequences are difficult to assess. Numerous scientists have warned about unpredictable effects. Still, the U.S. government’s Office of Science & Technology Policy recently advocated for more research. Darkening the sky for the climate is considered a risky last resort.”
Future Cleantech Architects has joined Handelsblatt, the largest and most-cited business and financial newspaper in the German language, to shed light on the most intensively debated cleantech innovations of the moment. Stay tuned for new releases!
Read the complete article (in German) here or find the complete series here.

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