New graph released on LDES for Power Systems: A diverse field of technologies eager for deployment

To decarbonize electricity production, large amounts of wind and solar energy will be required. However, energy generated from these sources fluctuates and does not generally align with load patterns. Scaling up a portfolio of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) technologies is urgently needed to decarbonize grids and provide energy security. The wide-ranging array of LDES technologies ensures a diversified supply chain.
The graph and blogpost is a collaborative effort between Future Cleantech Architects and the LDES Council and shows a non-exhaustive list of LDES technologies grouped according to their approximate discharge duration and deployment readiness. Please note, this image focuses on LDES technologies that can be used to supply electricity.
To learn more about the different LDES technologies for the power system, check out our complete blogpost and our edition of The Basics & The Gaps focused on LDES for the power system.

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