New Energy Monitor report on decarbonizing the cement industry

New report by Oliver Gordon of UK magazine Energy Monitor on decarbonizing the cement industry features interviews with Future Cleantech Architects’ experts Peter Schniering and Ingrid El Helou!
Cement is the most used man-made building material and poses a real challenge for decarbonization. As global demand is projected to increase further, these challenges need to be prioritized. A wide array of solutions are possible, including demand reduction, carbon capture, fuel substitution, and process cement innovation. However, due to the complexity of the emissions profile of cement, none of these options are complete solutions by themselves; each one offers only partial emissions reductions.
The non-mutually-exclusive options need to be combined to achieve full decarbonization of the industry.
Read more about these solutions – and why it is taking so long to deploy them – in this article.

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