New Edition of The Basics & The Gaps on Cement is Out!

All you need to know about cement and climate change: we are pleased to release a new factsheet, movie, and information campaign on decarbonizing the cement sector. Moreover, we will take the results to COP27 and present them in UN Climate Change‘s Action Hub.

Using only market-ready solutions, we could already reduce emissions by up to 20-40%. However, achieving complete decarbonization requires developing new, less mature solutions and a drastic overhaul of existing plants and infrastructure.

Around 60% of emissions come from the chemical reaction at the core of cement production, which means that carbon capture utilization and storage is needed amidst other options. Moreover, using electricity or hydrogen instead of fossil fuels to provide the heat for the calcination process could reduce emissions by up to 30%, but the technologies for this are still in early stages. The industry needs to be supported massively by the public sector.

On our website you can learn more and see the video animation, and the factsheet in German, French, or Spanish.

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