FCA launches new series: The Cleantech Race!

We are proud to announce the first episode of our new cleantech series! The Cleantech Race is an FCA-produced mini-series which aims to tackle some of the most challenging issues and technological innovations needed to decarbonize the hard-to-abate sectors. Each episode features highly qualified guest-speakers from politics, industry, or research.
This first episode – “Hydrogen – Out of touch with reality?” – zooms in on the complex process of decarbonizing existing hydrogen applications – and investing public and private resources in those sectors that cannot become sustainable without the use of hydrogen. We are pleased to have Dr. Klaus Grellmann, Managing Director at goetzpartners, as co-host of this episode. Together, we have developed five theses on competitive hydrogen – covering topics such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, and relevance for climate policy. 
We look forward to hearing your take on the potential of hydrogen for decarbonization.

You can find more information on the five theses here.
You can find more information on The Cleantech Race here.

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