R&D Areas

We value the ongoing incremental development work of existing technologies. It is critical to optimize and improve these continuously to make them more efficient.

But our own focus is different:
We scout breakthrough processes and technologies. Developments that – if spread significantly – could be game-changing in their effect on greenhouse gas emissions.

To identify the most promising ones, we have developed a matrix: it zooms in on the relevance of the target sector, the technology’s potential to be sped up to scale, it includes its cross-sectoral effect and moreover evaluates its overall sustainability and suitability with an investor’s strategic cornerstones.

If you work on ideas which could result in breakthrough technology, please share your story with us.

Within the share of global greenhouse gas emissions, industrial processes represent one of the largest sources. Industries like steel, aluminum, lime or cement require enormous energy to perform their conversion processes. We analyze these processes and work on projects that decarbonize them. Together with several partners, we develop new concepts with are supposed to make it from incubators and laboratories to the mass market. If you develop ideas on decarbonizing processes, please share your story and get in contact with us.