FCA's milestones in 2021

Thanks to the growing support received this year, we hired our first employee and expanded with an analyst, research associates, and interns. We secured our first public R&D grant and won further projects such as CemSol and AgilOLab, expanding our reach. We also co-hosted a cleantech award, the Global Call 2021, together with UNIDO, UNFCCC, and UNCCD, and we ended the year presenting key results of our work at two designated events at COP26 in Glasgow.

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2021 Key Milestones

  • JAN
    Panel 'The Zero-Carbon City'

    Part of the Bündnis-Tag Digital from NRW Ministry of Transport

    See our press release
  • MAR
    FCA Publication at WEF

    FCA analysis on high-impact R&D in cleantech at the World Economic Forum

    Read our analysis
  • MAY
    4th Future Cleantech Panel

    On the technical challenges of decarbonization and the political framework needed

    Read the key findings
  • JULY
    5 Theses on Hydrogen

    A collaboration with goetzpartners on competitive hydrogen

    See the theses
  • AUG
    The Cleantech Race Launch

    New FCA mini-series on cleantech, first edition on hydrogen

    Watch the episode
  • OCT
    UNIDO Global Call 2021

    An award ceremony for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management

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  • NOV
    COP26 in Glasgow

    FCA presented key findings on high-impact R&D in cleantech

    Read our key takeaways
  • DEC
    The Cleantech Race: Cement

    We aired the second episode of the Cleantech Race on Cement

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  • DEC
    Collaboration on RED III

    To integrate support for innovation in the upcoming legislation revision on renewables

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UNIDO Global Call 2021

FCA co-hosted the award ceremony of the UNIDO Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management with UNIDO ITPO Germany in collaboration with UNFCCC and UNCCD. The event was flanked by two panel discussions, one on breakthrough innovation and one on decarbonizing heavy industry, that allowed guests of the ceremony to discuss the most pressing climate challenges and their solutions in smaller groups before the main event.

Check out the results.

FCA at COP26

FCA presents key findings of our work on high-impact R&D in cleantech upon invitation of UN Climate Change at the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub at COP 26.

Together with UNIDO ITPO Germany, we also gave a first insight to the results of the UNIDO Global Call 2021.

FCA analysis on Cleantech R&D

Which R&D areas must we focus on now in order to tackle the climate crisis?

Having completed a comprehensive survey on key future R&D areas in climate technology with expert participants from across the world, we are excited that the World Economic Forum has released another FCA publication.

Make sure to take a look at the results for 2021-2025, 2026-2030 and the time beyond here.

FCA shares thoughts on REDIII

FCA was asked by European lawmakers to share our perspective on how to integrate support for high-impact innovation in the process of revising upcoming legislation on renewables.

  • FCA shares thoughts on REDIII
  • The Cleantech Race

    FCA aired the first episode of The Cleantech Race on Competitive Hydrogen with Dr. Klaus Grellmann.

  • The Cleantech Race
  • Future Cleantech Panel

    The 4th Future Cleantech Panel had two sessions: one on the technical challenges of industrial decarbonization and one on the political framework to convert emissions-intensive sectors.

  • Future Cleantech Panel