Future Cleantech Architects have been instrumental in shaping our message in our search for the perfect investor in MO-PWR. Our startup company is working on Solar power for the 500 Million people in the world with cellphones but with no access to electricity at home. With so much competition for financing it is extremely helpful to have people operating on the world stage.

Erik Beale Founder 
MO-PWR corp.
United States

In order to make your technology understandable, it is important to describe it well in few words. We have asked some of our key innovators for a short interview.

What is the key technology idea of MoPWR and why do you believe in its future potential?

Keeping it simple and cool. Solar chargers get complicated as we add functionality, so identifying what is strictly necessary to get the job done is key. Keeping the components cool, most manufacturers of portable solar solutions have missed this key aspect when developing products for extreme heat environments.

What kind of support would you need to massively scale the technology until 2025?

A – Financing to launch manufacturing at 1M units per run.

B – Access to key battery cell manufacturer executives to establish low cost battery supply

C – Introductions to Mobile service providers in the developing world.

What is the main advantage compared to current decentralized PV/battery systems and how does this translate into benefits for your customers?

There are very good solar chargers in the Western world at $100, the key is to make one with the same functionality for $25, a price accessible to most people in Africa. There are pay-as-you-go solutions in the market, but with GPS-tracking, locked battery boxes are also four times more expensive. No other solution is user serviceable, to replace the battery cell or PCB board is just a YouTube tutorial away and requires no special tools.