Our mission is to support innovators who work on high-impact cleantech.

The technology these innovators develop needs to bring about a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions if successfully scaled-up. To give you an idea of the variety of projects we work on, we have listed some of these entrepreneurs and consortia here. They all take high-risk approaches in the technology they develop and target a significant reduction in production cost.

Brenmiller Energy, Israel

Developing highly efficient thermal storage units based on crushed rock, Brenmiller Energy develops three different elements in one design: thermal storage, heat exchanger and steam generation.

MO-PWR, United States

Developing a low-cost, easy maintenance solar charger for the off-grid market is the mission of MO-PWR. They are about to enter mass production soon.

Seawind Ocean Technology, Netherlands

Radically reducing the cost per kWh for offshore wind energy is what drives the engineers of Seawind Ocean Technology. They have come a long way already.

Sun2Liquid, Europe

The emissions of the aviation sector need to be reduced drastically. The research consortium Sun2Liquid are working on a breakthrough approach.


Energy demand in the global housing stock is a key source of emissions. The innovators of vilisto are working on an AI-based system to reduce demand significantly.